Improvisation as a Prismatic Tool & Choreographic Scores

Within the context of today's artistic fields, improvisation is a necessary vehicle for creating, performing, engaging, and educating. Whether a tool for choreographic processes, a skill for versatility within a performer/collaborator, or a means for generating new artistic and self-knowledge, improvisation allows us as artists to uncover and develop a deeper sense of agency. Improvisation is a platform for the intersection of different forms, aesthetics, methodologies, and bodies, and cannot be understated as a driving force specifically in dance innovation and evolution. Within these classes, participants are offered the opportunity to experiment, explore, observe, agitate, and discuss how improvisation can become not only a skill for dance, but a scope for examining behavior, power, hierarchies, positions, and identities. 

Workshop length: 2 hours up to 2 weeks

Video excerpt taken from workshop at the University College of Dance and Circus, Stockholm SWEDEN 2013