HOTEL DESTINY (work-in-progress 2019) is the live art treatment of the dance film concept for HOTEL DESTINY. Two performers enact the role of one person: right brain/left brain, yin/yang and myriad other dualities. The research is currently focused on shared power and shiftings in dominance and submission based on conceits of movement and sound. By playing with opposing ideas on the multi-spectrums of social, physical, and aural behavior, the work is locating 'truth' or 'authenticity' as somewhere in the middle. Through the expansion and contraction of feminist definitions, the current research exhausts both performers into a coexistence, which propounds that the path to destiny is only within the reconciliation of the self with all its versions and identities. The work intentionally invites a female and a male performer to create a work identified as a solo.

Concept and choreography Janessa Clark

Performed by David Shane Smith and Samantha ‘Connor’ Speetjens

Original music composition and performance by David Shane Smith