(inner)views I-VII (2005/2009) is a multi-media lens into the LGBTQ community of New York City. A documentary film follows seven individuals through their challenges and pleasures of being LGBTQ in contemporary America. The dance agitates viewers with themes of objectification, obscuring the male gaze, stereotypes, sex, love, gender and identity politics. It pokes fun in a playful manner but also posits serious questions for the viewer regardless of their gender or sexual politics. (inner)views I-VII was conceived in a time when LGBTQ rights were grossly under-recognized by the media in the United Sates, and even though what was once thought of as nearly impossible has become possible (same-sex marriage, non-traditional family recognition, adoption, etc) this work still holds significance as a historical documentation of the not-so-distant past and the role that arts can hold within activism and social change.

Choreography by Janessa Clark

Music by Funkadelic, Ganessa James, Gil Scott-Heron, and RZA

Performed by Alexandra Albrecht, Janessa Clark, Courtney Drasner and Ganessa James New York City 2009

Shorter excerpts performed by Janessa Clark and Courtney Drasner New York 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and San Francisco 2007