Excess and the Instant (2007) reaches into the minutiae of human behavior and habit to uncover the amplified want and gluttony of modern American capitalism.

A trio of dancers embody the parts of three richly detailed characters – a drug addict, a sex addict and a materialist – moving through the time and space by an original sound score of Christopher Willets, and a grit-film by Amos Mac. From the superficial to the profoundly intimate, Excess explores the how's and why's of America's boundless obsession with instant gratification.  We are exposed to a dramatized microcosm of excess and media, while also feeling faintly nostalgic and complicit in the participatory game show of this American life.

Choreography by Janessa Clark

Original Music by Christopher Willets

Video by Amos Mac

Performed by Courtney Drasner, Mira Mutka and Nikki Zialcita New York 2008

Nikki Zialcita by Levi Stolove