Self Archiving: Embodying the Past

Within this workshop participants will engage in a ritualistic practice of self-reflection, authentic movement, and writing. The aim is to cooperatively generate an archive of biographical anecdotes, stories, and secrets in both physical and written form; a proliferation of personal information, an attempt at blurring the roles of authorship and ownership in artistic praxis. This exercise is intended as an extended form of practice-as- research in which the writer becomes their own interviewer and eventually their own spectator. Where does a writing exist within a movement practice and how does dance think?

This workshop also provides the foundation for participants to join into the Tiny Dances Project, Clark’s long-term dance and video installation. At the end of the workshop, each individual will be invited to contribute an anonymous letter (written by them) which Clark will translate physically to create a short dance that will be filmed, edited, and added to the catalog of video dances that compose the project.

Workshop length: 2 hours to a week