Zoltavia, an Immigrant Opera (currently in pre-production) is a multilingual opera collaboration between visual artist Alex Yudzon, classical composer Fatrin Krajka, and choreographer Janessa Clark. It will be a one-hour contemporary opera with a full orchestra, multimedia set design, projection, and costumes. Zoltavia, an Immigrant Opera will be the first opera without a single central language. It will weave together seven languages, telling a nonlinear story that uses the concept of displacement as its central protagonist.

Concept and visual direction by Alex Yudzon

Original Composition by Fatrin Krajka

Choreography by Janessa Clark

Zoltavia, an Immigrant Opera will begin production research during a fall 2019 residency at THE CHURCH Artist Residency in Mt. Vision, NY. More information at: https://www.zoltavia.com/